Meeting Planners...

     If you are looking for a fresh face, new ideas, and an entertaining presenter who will have your attendees talking long after the event is over, then John Fallon is your answer.

     Don't be fooled, John is no "newbie" to the speaking, performance or education industries. After 30 + years in the education business as a teacher, performer, and presenter, John moved into the speaking / presentation industry as an in-demand speaker, presenter, coach and PowerPoint expert.

     You can trust that John "knows" the presentation business, he "knows" performance, and he "knows" how crucial it is for any presenter to connect with his audience to insure message delivery.

     John would love to work with you! He's a true professional and delivers high-energy, entertaining and powerful programs that attendees love and make you look good! He's reliable, easy to work with and a lot of fun.

     The ideal speaking situation for John is to work with meeting planners who want their event to feature a fun, dynamic, entertaining and highly informative motivational keynote presentation that offers tangible strategies that can be implemented quickly and easily with high return on the audience's time and on your investment. Your attendees will leave feeling energized, entertained and glad they were there.

     John is very interactive with his audience. They laugh, learn and respond to his stories and design techniques in a positive way that make an immediate impact on their lives!

     John can also add a follow up Break-Out Session to your event that goes into detail on how to implement his designing "Presentations that sing " design techniques with tangible and realistic instruction.

  Audio & Visual Requirements & Guidelines   Room Setup
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For your audience's ultimate experience, John Fallon requests the following audio/visual requirements.
Please have available the following equipment:

  • A/V Projector with a minimum of 1500 lumens and screen
  • Wireless lavaliere (Head Set) microphone
  • Full house lights (if using image magnification and/or videotaping, please use as much house light as possible)
  • Audio Out from John Fallon's computer

If John Fallon is doing a workshop or breakout session for your organization, he requests the following in addition to the above equipment:

  • 2 flip charts
  • Markers

An effective room set-up is important to the overall success of any event.
The following are suggestions to enhance the audience experience:

  • The distance from the first row of seats/tables to the stage should be no more than 10 feet.
  • If a podium is being used for introductions, if possible, please set it back a few feet from the front of the stage to allow for movement in front of it during the presentation.
  • The ideal stage/riser height for audiences of up to 200 people is 6"-12"; for audiences of more than 200 people, 12"-24" in height is appropriate.
  • If the room has spotlights, aim them toward the very front of the stage, as John Fallon utilizes movement to connect with his audience.

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