John Fallon Presents
is a combination of classroom instruction (using his "teaching by example" technique) and a one-man stage show filled with humor, key points and highly engaging personal stories. Just because of the entertainment style of delivery, don’t think this is just a show with no "bang for the buck". This program is hard hitting with take-away's every member of the audience will be able to use the next day, making it a presentation that audience members won't soon forget.

     Whether John is used as a keynote speaker or in a workshop, John Fallon Presents is all about being the best you can be! John's message builds enthusiasm, confidence & excitement for everyone in the audience! Your team will leave inspired, informed and entertained through this powerful and entertaining program.  It's the perfect solution to combat the tired, boring meetings we're used to attending.

     John Fallon Presents is an entertaining, educational and an audience participation program delivered with flair.  Plus, it's the perfect program to build your event theme around.

And oh yeah... they'll also have fun, laugh alot, hear some great stories, and will talk about this being their favorite session of any conference!

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: (Keynote - 1 Hr / Breakout - 90-Minutes / Workshop - 3 Hr)

  The Presentation Secrets of ... Billy Joel????

     What presentation attributes does Billy Joel have that we need to know and use? Well, showmanship, story telling and relationship building to name a few. These attributes develop a following and create a reputation of excellence. When you have fans, your worries about your next presentation are over. Most presenters look alike, sound alike and talk alike. The most successful speakers and presenters know how to make themselves different from the rest. Discover what it takes and what you have to do to create / design that next Presentation success !

     For every successful presentation, there is a presenter who has mastered message development, has polished platform skills and designs effective image support materials in PowerPoint. You can be that presenter. The days where just a PowerPoint presentation or a "read from a script" packaged report was considered your presentation is over. Just like with Billy Joel lyrics, for the message to be heard, believed and acted on, you as the presenter must be motivational, inspiring and engaging. Not everyone has the knowledge or skill sets they need to be a successful presenter, but they aren't difficult to learn and contrary to popular belief... good presenters are MADE not BORN. As presenters, it's in our best interests to make a good impression on our audiences because whether we like it or not, people make an impression about who we are in as little as eight seconds, then judge whether they want to work with us based on an impression. Most times that impression the audience sees is different than how we see ourselves. Billy Joel has been around for quite awhile--- what's his secret???

     The Presentation Secrets of ... Billy Joel???? takes an inside look at how our favorite speakers and presenters use showmanship, platform skills and message construction to transform a presentation into an experience. John pulls back the curtain to reveal the design techniques of how it’s done and shows you new and creative ways to maximize the potential of success for your next presentation.

By attending this presentation audience members will learn…

•    Key attributes that real PROS use to WOW their audience!
•    The #1 idea that will help your next presentation.
•    The importance of entertaining, engaging, and personalizing a presentation.
•    The #1 secret to move your presentation from average to awesome.

Work Ethics for 2020 and Beyond
10 Identifiers Insuring Success in Education and Business

Work Ethics include not only how one feels about their job, career or class, but also how one does their job or responsibilities. Work Ethics involve attitude, behavior, respect, communication, and interaction; how one gets along with others. Work ethics demonstrate many things about whom and how a person is. Work ethics involve such characteristics as honesty and accountability. Essentially, work ethics break down to what one does or would do in a particular situation. The begging question in a situation involves what is right and acceptable, and above board, versus what is wrong, underhanded, and under the table.

Sound familiar???

Business and industry leaders have identified essential work ethics that should be taught and practiced in order to develop a viable and effective workforce. Does this mean that it's up to the business sector to provide this instruction? It's time for Education and Business to work together! Today, many students and employees view work ethics as being "old fashioned" or just involving whether they show up to work on time. Work Ethics involve much more than that... but do people understand what's considered as work ethics?

Work Ethics for 2020 and Beyond takes a hard look at what attributes really consist in the term "Work Ethic". By identifying, explaining and "fine tuning" these 10 attributes, we can set individuals on the path to success.

By attending this presentation audience members will learn…

•    10 attributes that employers consider imperative in new hires!
•    The #1 mindset that will set potential employees apart.
•    The importance of education and business sectors mirroring work ethics.
•    The #1 secret to changing a work ethic.

Customer Service is a Two Way Street
Rules of the Road for Both Sides of the Counter

It's 2013 and your customers' expectations have changed. They can get their TV, music, shopping, and friends all “on demand” 24/7/365. They want what they want - when they want it - and how they want it. So, if you don't deliver at (nearly) Internet Speed, they will consider you substandard, lazy, or that you don't need the business.

and on the "flip side"...

How many times have you walked into a place of business only to be greeted by an employee taking a "personal call" on their cell phone, a "gum" chomping teen calling you "bub" or an employee with the personal communication skills of a gorilla.

Like it or not... Customer Service is different depending on what side of the counter you're on and it's time everyone learned the rules of the road. It's all about the Presentation!!!

Customer Service is a Two Way Street takes a hard look at the skills of others as well as the skills we demonstrate. By being able to "read" customers and employees better, everyone will benefit from the improved communication and customer service experience.

By attending this presentation audience members will learn…

•    Attributes that both employers and customers consider imperative!
•    The #1 skillset that set customer service experts apart.
•    The importance of the correct presentation.
•    The #1 secret to becoming a better customer

"Can't" is Just a Four Letter Word
Changing Attitudes from Negative to Positive

How many times have we allowed someone to determine our destiny just by telling us that we "can't"? Has the word "can't" ever stood between us and career advancement? Why do we allow the word "can't" to control our life and attitude?

To many people, the word "can't" is an insurmountable obstacle that can ruin one's life. It doesn't have to because... everyone must realize that "Can't" is just a four letter word.

"Can't" is just a four letter word puts our self belief system under a microscope, determines how it affects us psychologically and prepares us for success or failure..

By attending this presentation audience members will learn…

•    Attitude can be everything.
•    How to turn negatives into positives.
•    The importance of believing in yourself.
•    The #1 secret to becoming successful.

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